What do three titans of the Latino theatre talk about, laugh about, argue about over a meal of rice and beans? What stories of hardship and triumph do three veterans of the American stage have to share after careers lasting more than four decades? Tony Mata, a theatre professor and director at the University of Florida, cooked a meal, set up cameras, and found out. The dinner of rice and beans (a potent metaphor for what unites Latinos culturally) became the kernel of this film.

Theatre of Rice and Beans, a film by Tony Mata and Ralf Remshardt is the first documentary about a vital part of American theatre history. Tony recently completed a documentary titled "Theater of Rice and Beans"

Theatre of Rice and Beans: Official Trailer

Library of Congress Post Screening Interview


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OCTOBER 20, 2015
Mary Pickford Theater
James Madison Memorial Building, Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540